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It’s even easier than ever to jet set across the world, but what’s the real cost of your travels to the environment? A flight from London to New York releases a tonne of CO2 into our skies. This invisible extra baggage is one of the main greenhouse gases that contribute to climate change.

But curbing our carbon footprint is not emission impossible.

Avoid. Reduce. Plant.

We can all do our bit to tackle CO2 emissions.


Consider alternatives to that flight or car journey.


Join a car share scheme at work, give public transport a go or turn down the heating.


Boost our environment’s natural carbon absorbing abilities.

Calculate and donate.

Reveal the hidden cost of your low-cost flight, heating your home or driving to work with our carbon calculator and help us plant carbon-hungry trees. Just £25 will plant 25m2 of woodland – enough to store the CO2 from a "trip across the pond."

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